The qualities of teacher.

       I need my teacher three qualities. Primarily, the high-level instraction ability which is helpful for my studying. Every student needs successful experience. In various experience, studying is easy to have successful experience of us own. It gives us authority. Authority is the thing students need the most strongly. So, teachers must have the high-level instruction ability. Secondly, having a faith which is not come round by anybody. Teachers must show it students, because they are  physically and mentally versatile. If teachers show it, students can learn strength as a person. At last, toughness for grapple with problems in daily work. Around teachers, there are only students who are infantile, and have so many problems. Most of problems they have do not relate studying. Teachers may not want to get engaged. But, they must do it. So, they must be very tough. Like this, teachers must have high-level abilites in a comprehensive way.

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I tell you why I take this class.

     It contains two reasons. First, I want to make the number of my credits taken in this spring semester just 24. I hope taking mandatory number of credits as soon as I can. But now, I know this class is the class taken by hardworking pupils becoming teachers. So, I feel little ashamed. Second, I want to retrain my English perished in this two years. My English became worse and worse, because I was lazy. But I can not stand it now. Two years later from now, I will enter the world of work. I must become to be able to write requiste English at least. From now, I will study with diligence in this class. So, I hope you will take good care of this!

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for the first time

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