I tell you why I take this class.

     It contains two reasons. First, I want to make the number of my credits taken in this spring semester just 24. I hope taking mandatory number of credits as soon as I can. But now, I know this class is the class taken by hardworking pupils becoming teachers. So, I feel little ashamed. Second, I want to retrain my English perished in this two years. My English became worse and worse, because I was lazy. But I can not stand it now. Two years later from now, I will enter the world of work. I must become to be able to write requiste English at least. From now, I will study with diligence in this class. So, I hope you will take good care of this!

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I tell you why I take this class. への5件のフィードバック

  1. advcomp より:

    This is the first one – an overdue. THere was another one – which is an overdue also.
    In short you have to catch up with others in one week to make up for two week absences.

  2. advcomp より:

    > It contains two reasons.
    This is not a good topic sentence.
    Besides, we can not tell what ‘IT’ stands for!

  3. advcomp より:

    There are so many places to improve, correct, and rewrite that I can not post comments here. In short, I have almost given up.
    Please hand in a hard copy with a checklist, in class.

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    • yamaken0402 より:




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